Harassment contact persons

Anyone of us can experience harassment or bullying.


It can be difficult to tackle or even to talk about, so it’s important to know where you can turn to for help.


Harassment can happen in all walks of life, including universities. In educational settings, harassment can be perpetrated by students, lecturers and other members of staff. Harassment can also happen at events and other gatherings.


At VAMOK, we have appointed harassment contact persons, who are there to support you if you’re not sure who to turn to. They will point you towards the right services when you’re ready and will offer you the help you need.


The information you share with them will not be passed on to anyone. However, with your permission, they can help raise the issue with other people involved. Our harassment contact persons are not healthcare professionals, but they are bound by exactly the same rules on confidentiality. Their role is to advocate and support you in resolving the issues that are affecting you.


You can contact our harassment contact persons by email


You’re welcome to contact just one or both of them.

Leevi Alanko

Harassment contact person


Mea Siltanen

Harassment contact person