VAMOK Gaming and club activities

VAMOK Gaming


VAMOK Gaming is a community aimed at students interested in video gaming, where you can meet other like-minded people.


Do you like playing videogames and would like to get to chat in regards to gaming with other students? VAMOK has created it’s own gaming community called VAMOK Gaming, with the purpose of bringing people interested in gaming to the same place. The action takes place mostly on our Discord server, where we have many speech and text channels regarding different games and subjects. The VAMOK Discord is also the place to be during VAMOK’s gaming tournament, as most of the communication during the tournaments happens there.


Come check out the Discord server and put the speech channels to use when playing with your friends!

Link to VAMOK Discord


VAMOK Board Game Club


One of the many freetime activities provided by VAMOK is the board game club, established in 2019.
The board game club is free for all members of VAMOK and the games are played bi-weekly, every second Tuesday from 17.00 onwards. The club meets at VAMOK sauna facilities located in the VAMK main building. The entrance to the sauna facilities can be found from parking lot behind the school, the address is Palosaarentie 8.


Spring 2022 board game club playing nights, starting at 17.00:  11.1.2022, 25.1.2022, 8.2.2022, 22.2.2022, 8.3.2022, 22.3.2022, 5.4.2022, 19.4.2022.


As the meeting restrictions have been eased, the board game club will continue to meet again normally starting from 8.2.2022


The board game club has open discussion groups in both Facebook and Whatsapp, where you can hear all the latest news and updates regarding the club and where also the games for the next game nights are decided. The club has a responsible organizer who brings some games with him to every game night, so you don’t even need any own games to get started.


Link to Board Game Club’s Facebook group
Invitation link to Board Game Club’s Whatsapp group


VAMOK Formula 1 club

VAMOK‘s Formula 1 club is a place where everyone interested in the sport gather to follow race events together and discuss generally about the sport. The club uses Discord as their platform


Link to Formula 1 club’s Discord