VAMOK Gaming

VAMOK Gaming is a community aimed at students interested in video gaming, where you can meet other like-minded people.


Do you like playing videogames and would like to get to chat in regards to gaming with other students? VAMOK has created it’s own gaming community called VAMOK Gaming, with the purpose of bringing people interested in gaming to the same place. The action takes place mostly on our Discord server, where we have many speech and text channels regarding different games and subjects. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed, so you can come as you are to the channel. From the channel you can also find information regarding OSM competitions (Students’ Finnish Championships), where you can compete on a national level in for example Overwatch. The channel acts as a good place to exchange news of the day and have fun with the others.


Join VAMOK Gaming channel now and get to know new people!

Link to Discord