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Student card
How can I join VAMOK and gain access to Pivo or Slice student cards?

You can join VAMOK when you have enrolled for the semester at Vaasa university of applied sciences.

Once you pay your VAMOK membership fee you gain access to Pivo and student cards.


You can join VAMOK here

Who can get the national discounts of Matkahuolto and VR's tickets or Kela subsidized meals?

You are eligible for the national discounts of Matkahuolto and VR tickets as well as Kela subsidized meals if you are a degree student (including exchange students) or a multimodal student.You need to be enrolled for the semester to be eligible for the discounts.

Unfortunately the discounts are not available for open university students.

What do I benefit for having a student card?

With the student card you gain access to national student discounts like cheaper meals at student restaurants and cheaper travel tickets from Matkahuolto and VR. You can read more about nation discounts here

On top of this you gain access to’s hundreds of student discounts around Vaasa and Finland. You can read more about’s discounts here (discounts in finnish)

With the student card you identify yourself as a member of VAMOK which guarantees you access to the student unions free sport’s shifts.

You also get discounted services and tickets to VAMOK’s events with your student card.


How can i get new login information to my application? (I changed my phone or I am logged out for some other reason)

If the application logs you out for some reason, you can get new login information from

I ordered a physical AMK- student card. When and how will I get my card?

You can pick your card up from VAMOK’s offices roughly 2 weeks after ordering it.

When and how can I apply to be a tutor?

Recruitment opens in January and every VAMOK member can apply to be a tutor. The recruitment for international tutoring is open at the same time. International tutors assist exchange students.

What is the difference between a peer, responsible and international tutor?

Peer tutors work in a group of 3 or 4 tutors and guide one group in the early stages of their studies. Peer tutors help new students get acquainted with Vaasa university of applied sciences and the city of Vaasa.

Each tutor group has a responsible tutor who acts as a supervisor for the group. Responsible tutors are usually second year tutors.

International tutors generally work independently and guide 1 to 3 exchange students as they get acquainted with Finland, Vaasa and the university of applied sciences.

Will tutors receive training?

Yes. Tutors will receive training during the spring semester including a tutor camp. During the summer tutors will have the chance to fill up their batteries until one last tutor training at the end of August right before the start of tutoring.

Will I get credits for tutoring?

Yes. You get 3 free studies credits for peer tutoring, 1 for responsible tutoring and 2 for international tutoring.

Representative body
What is the representative body?

The representative body uses the highest authoroty in the student union. It consists of 20 regular members and five alternate members chosen among the eligible members standing as a candidate.


The representative body:

  • Selects the board of the student union
  • Monitors and controls the operations of the board
  • Confirms the annual report and financial statements of the previous year
  • Selects the student representatives
  • Decides the membership fee
  • Confirms the plan of action and budget for the upcoming year
  • Decides the guidelines for the student union’s operations
Who can take part in the representative body's meetings?

Along with the representative body and it’s chairpersons, board members, employees of the student union and all it’s members has the right to be present and speak at the meetings.

The representative body may in some situations limit the right to attend a meeting.

I want to apply to be in the representative body! How can I do that?

The representative body is elected annually in the representative election organized usually in October or November. The representative body is elected with a party-list proportional representation system. Each memeber of the student union is eligible to be elected to the representative body.

What is the board?

The board of the student union consists of students in positions of trust who have to be students of Vasa university of applied sciences and members of the student union. In their inaugural meeting at the end of the year the representative body of VAMOK selects the board members for the upcoming year. The board’s job is to lead the student unions operation along the policies of the representative body and the plan of operation.

How do I appy to be a member of the board?

You can apply to be a member of the board in November. Each candidate is interviewed and selected by the representative body in their innagural meeting at the end of November.

How long does the boards term last?

The boards term lasts for one calendar year.

What tasks can I do in the board of the student union?

Each board member is given a sector for which they are responsible for. All board members contribute to the collective operation of the board.

The different sectors are:

  • Chairperson of the board
  • Educational affairs coordinator
  • Social affairs coordinator
  • Tutor coordinator
  • International affairs coordinator
  • Event coordinator
  • Sports- and leisure time coordinator
  • Communications coordinator

You can read a more detailed description of each sector here.

Exercising opportunities in VAMOK
Who can take part in VAMOK's sport shifts and what do they cost?

All members of VAMOK are welcome to join the sport shifts free of charge.

My favorite sport is not a part of VAMOK's sport shifts. How can I get my favorite sport on the sport shifts calendar?
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