Borrowable sports equipment

As a member of VAMOK you’re entitled to borrow sports equipment for a day or the weekend. The equipment can be picked up from VAMOK’s office during the day after 12.00 and they should be returned the next day by 11.30. You do not have to reserve the sports equipment, instead you just show up at the office and borrow what you need. You can inquire about the availability of the equipment from VAMOK’s office.

The office’s contact information here.

Borrowable equipment are (number of equipment available):


  • Basketballs (2)
  • Footballs (4)
  • American football (1)
  • Volley balls (3)
  • Petanque -game
  • Frisbees (4)
  • Frisbee golf sets (4 sets)
  • Bumball equipment for two teams (12 players) (Learn more about bumball here)
  • Team vests