Student culture and events

Student culture is much more than just studying. It includes e.g. spare time activities that give great counterbalance to studying for exams.

Student overalls


In the late 1980’s student overall culture spread to Finland. The overalls are a symbol of your student status. You can wear your overall in nearly all student events.


Overalls cost 40€ for VAMOK members and 55€ for other VAMK students

Student events


It is important to create contacts and make new friends during your studies. Sometimes it is also important to clear your head from all the pressures of studying. You can do all these things by taking part in student events!

Sitsit parties


Sitsit are an academic table party. The parties are smaller and much less formal than anniversary parties. In the sitsit party, the quests sit in a long table eating, drinking and singing. These parties usually have a special theme and they include program that everyone can participate. The sitsit traditions vary between different student unions.

Beer Olympics


This event is the discussion topic among students always until late in the spring. VAMOK organizes the Beer Olympics traditionally in September. This is a tradition where the new students are welcomed into the student community. The event includes a checkpoint course in Hietasaari, Vaasa.


The groups must choose a theme, a song and a cheer. These cheers will be shouted to other groups still at the Pre-Christmas parties. The best group will be rewarded! The task track changes every year but team spirit is always necessary. After the checkpoint race there is of course an after-party!

Anniversary party


Anniversary parties give a great chance to dress up. These parties are usually arranged by student unions such as VAMOK or by different student organizations. The dress code for anniversary parties is always specified in the invitation. Every member of the student union can participate in the anniversary parties.


In these parties one has to act accordance to the etiquette, but this does not exclude having a great time. The anniversary party program usually consists of speeches given by the members of different student union representatives coming from all across Finland. The party usually includes a festive dinner and different songs are sung, usually followed by a schnapps.

Overall run


The second big celebration day for new students is at November. The pre ordered overalls arrive from the factory! The day before the Triangeli Cruise VAMOK organizes an event where the new student get their student uniforms and so become true members of the student community. During the overall jogging students go around Vaasa in groups and end up to a secret finishing point they will declaim the overall oath together. After the oath, every student will know the rules that apply to wearing the overalls and what will happen if these rules are broken!



VAMOK organizes the traditional student cruise together with the student unions of the Centria University of applied sciences (COPSA) and with the student union of Seinäjoki university of applied sciences (SAMO), Seinäjoen Opiskelijapalvelut Oy and the student union of Satakunta university of applied sciences (SAMMAKKO). The cruise is called Triangeli.


The cruise has participants from Vaasa, Kokkola, Seinäjoki, Pori and Rauma. The cruise starts from Vaasa at Thursday when the busses start their trip to Turku, from where the boat sails over night to Stockholm. The cruise ends late at Friday evening when the busses come back to Vaasa.


This cruise is very popular and the boat cabins are sold very fast. You need to be fast to get the tickets. The tickets are sold in the Internet and the student unions will inform when and at which address the ticket sale starts. The theme of the cruise changes every year.


The official website for the cruise can be found at: