Student advocacy

Student advocacy

Student union’s central task is to supervise student interests in educational- and social affairs. VAMOK strives to promote students’ interests, which is largely invisible work in Vaasa university of applied sciences working groups where the student union selects it’s representatives.  The student union supervises student interests in educational- and social affairs in cooperation with other student unions. Student interests are supervised locally and nationally.


VAMOK affects students’ national interests in Finland as a member of SAMOK ry. During the year VAMOK’s board members take part in SAMOK’s seminars and working groups that deal with current student affairs.


Other central tasks for VAMOK is to act as the voice of students and creating surveys and taking the information to VAMK’s management. VAMOK makes statements regarding current student issues both locally and nationally. VAMOK’s other important tasks include following the quality of teaching in VAMK and offering support to students with different issues. VAMOK also has harassment contact persons (one female and one male) whom the students can get confidential help with any issue they may face.


Anyone has the chance to affect things in VAMOK in the field of student advocacy! A student may join the representative body, the board of VAMOK or working groups.


In day to day life VAMOK’s concrete work can be seen in the form of the student card and the many benefits it brings. Other things include sport shifts and events. Tutoring is an important part of VAMOK’s day to day student interest supervision because tutors are generally the first contact between students, student union and Vaasa university of applied sciences.