Student representatives

Students of Vaasa university of applied sciences have representation in nearly all decision making working groups and committees within VAMK. VAMOK names the students to these roles. The working groups and committees deal with subjects about study programmes and university guidelines.


VAMOK also has representation in the delegation and board of the student housing foundation in Vaasa.


The representative is named first and the deputy representative is named in brackets.

Well-being working group

VAMOK’s representative: Jenna Laitila


Student affairs meetings

Student affairs produced services include international, admissions and schedule planning.


VAMOK’s representative: Olli Syrjälä


Study program meetings

Study program meetings deal with current affairs in each program and are thus the closest to students’ everyday life. The staff of a study program along with a student representative takes part in a study program meeting. Meetings are held roughly once a month and when needed, more often. Study program meeting reports can be found on each individual program’s own page.


Student representatives:


  • Business – Katja Tihleman
  • International Business – Ulrika Palmberg
  • Health care – Jenni Lähteenmäki
  • Social services – Sanna Holm
  • Business information technology – Jasmin Paalijärvi
  • Information technology (finnish) –  Paavali Aho
  • Energy and environmental engineering – Niko Yli-Kuivila
  • Electrical engineering – Simon Smeds
  • Machine engineering – Kari Hartikainen
  • Information Technology (english) –



Examination board

Student representative: Emma Heininen


Vaasa university of applied sciences (VAMK) board

Student representative: Anne Ilmonen


VAMK executive team

VAMOK’s representative: Ulrika Palmberg (Sami Korpela)


VOAS board


VAMOK’s representatives: 

Jenna Kivijärvi (Teemu Oksanen)


VOAS delegate body


VAMOK’s representatives:

Named members in 2021 (deputy members)

Sami Korpela (Emilia Paasonen)

Ulrika Palmberg (Silvia Musikka)


Named members in 2020 (deputy members)

Emma Heininen (Kimi Bui)

Paavo Sormunen (Miika Nurmi)