What is a student union?

Student union   


VAMOK is the student union of the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. VAMOK has about 1900 members. VAMOK offers different services to its members and looks after the students’ interests. The student union’s task is to Liaise with and on behalf of its members and promote their societal, social and intellectual aspirations and those relating to studies and the status of students in society. VAMOK’s other tasks include student representatives to serve on the board of Vaasa university of applied sciences and other multi membered organs in the university of applied sciences as well as take part in other activities within VAMK.


Everyone studying at the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences can join VAMOK. Members are accepted by the board of VAMOK. The student union’s administrative- and executive power is used by the board. The board consists of the Chairperson and three to nine (3-9) board members. The board chooses a vice chairperson and sector division amongst itself.


By joining VAMOK you can make sure that someone looks after your interests and you also get different member benefits. You get a student card that gives you several student discounts and allows you to participate in VAMOK’s sports classes for free. You can find more information about VAMOK’s member benefits from this webpage.


Membership benefits

National student discounts

Positions of trust, VAMOK’s representative body, board and student representatives


With VAMOK you have the chance to affect the things that matter most to you. You can do this in several different ways. You can run for a seat in the representative body or board of VAMOK each autumn. The representative body represents the highest authority in the student union and the board takes care of the student unions day to day operations by organizing events for example. You can also affect things by being a student representative in one or several working groups within VAMK. The representative body chooses student representatives by applications.

You may also take part in the student union’s work by applying to be a tutor or an international tutor which may give you a new perspective to student life. VAMOK has several working groups that do not oblige you to do anything but where you can join VAMOK’s operations according to your interests and timeframe.