Student Card

Student Card

Student Card

Student card

With your student union membership in effect, you are entitled to use a mobile student card. VAMOK members have access to two student card applications: Pivo and, where you can activate a digital student card. Both applications can be downloaded to your phone free of charge. You will find the same national and local student benefits in both apps. Therefore, you can choose which app to use or even use them in parallel. More information about the apps can be found below.

Have you changed your phone or has the Slice app logged you out? Follow these instructions:
  • Check the validity of your membership
  • Go to
  • Enter your school email into the page’s field and press reset
  • Check your email (including spam folder if necessary)
  • Click the link sent by
  • You will receive an email containing your new credentials
  • Avoid copying and pasting your credentials into the application as it may affect the app’s functionality

Pivo mobile student card

When you become a member of VAMOK, you have the opportunity to activate a digital student card in Pivo.

  • Join VAMOK as a member
  • Download the free Pivo app from Google, Apple, or other mobile app stores
  • Log in to the app with your online banking credentials
  • Select ‘student card’ from the main view of the app
  • Choose your level of education and your institution
  • Upload a picture for your student card
  • Your card is ready to use mobile student card

Using the mobile app and the digital university of applied sciences (AMK) student card it contains is free of charge for VAMOK members.

  • Join VAMOK as a member
  • Attach a clear portrait photo of yourself to your membership application
  • Download the free app from Google, Apple, or another mobile app store
  • Enter the login credentials sent to your email into the app
  • Slice is ready for use