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Theme parties

Themed parties are traditional events held at the nightclub, often featuring a specific theme.


Sitsit, also known as academic table parties or singing nights, are events that are smaller and less formal than anniversary parties. At sitsit, guests gather around long tables to enjoy a warm meal, drinks, and sing traditional student songs. However, sitsit also have certain rules to ensure the smooth flow of the evening for everyone. For example, bathroom breaks are only taken during breaks, and silence is observed during performances and speeches.

Sitsit are typically organized 2-3 times per academic year.

Sitsit songbook

Beer Olympics

These festivities are talked about well into the spring. VAMOK traditionally organizes the initiation ceremony for first-year students every year in September, which includes a checkpoint course at Hietasaari in Vaasa.

Classes must come up with their own theme, song, and cheer, which they shout out to other classes even during the Christmas party. The best class is traditionally rewarded!

The tasks on the checkpoint course change annually, but team spirit is always needed. After the checkpoint course, it’s time for an afterparty, of course.

Vaasanpuistikon Appro

A sure sign of the arrival of spring is Vaasanpuistikon Appro, known as VaPu appro among friends. Traditional VaPu appro is a good way to warm up because it marks the beginning of the celebration of Vappu for Vaasa University of Applied Sciences students. During the appro, participants visit various restaurants in the downtown area of Vaasa and collect stamps in their degree passport. At Vaasanpuistikon Appro, you can complete a total of four degrees: Approbatur (8 stamps), Cum Laude (10 stamps), Laudatur (12 stamps), and Tohtori (15 stamps). You need a separate stamp passport for each degree, and the degrees must be completed in order.

After completing the degrees, there is a celebration at Leipätehdas.

Overall run

In November, a celebratory day for new students arrives when, before the Triangeli cruise, new students also receive their overalls. To mark this occasion, VAMOK organizes an official overall initiation ceremony in honor of the new students’ uniforms.

During the Coverall Run, participants go around Vaasa, gathering at location X, where they recite the overall oath together, ensuring that every student knows how to behave with their overalls and the consequences of breaking the rules!

Traditionally, the Overall Run is held the day before Triangeli, so it’s a great way to get in the spirit for the bus trip to Turku.

Anniversary party

At anniversary parties, celebrations typically revolve around VAMOK or a subject association, with attendees dressing in formal attire. The dress code for anniversary parties is usually a tailcoat or dark suit for men, and a full-length evening gown or cocktail dress for women.

During anniversary parties, attendees follow formal etiquette, which does not exclude having fun.

Before the main ceremony, there may be a reception for invited guests, during which various organizations offer their greetings and present gifts. Following a welcome toast, a three-course meal begins, accompanied by lively schnapps songs from the tables. The event is led by a master of ceremonies, whose role is to maintain order. Throughout the evening, speeches are given, and various performances entertain the attendees. After the final course and program, the festivities continue at an afterparty.

Triangeli Cruise

VAMOK organizes the annual TRIANGELI student cruise in collaboration with the student unions of Centria University of Applied Sciences (Copsa), Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SAMO), Seinäjoki Student Services Ltd, and Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (Sammakko).

The cruise attracts students from Vaasa, Kokkola, Seinäjoki, Pori, and Rauma.

The theme of the cruise varies each year, and you can’t experience anything this fun without joining in. Don’t stay on the shore and miss out!

You can find the official website of the cruise here:

Pub quizes

VAMOK organizes a monthly pub quiz, where they search for the ‘know-it-all’ of the Vaasa student community. The quiz challenges students’ general knowledge and music expertise.

Pub quizzes are typically team sports, and up to four person teams can participate in VAMOK’s quiz events.

The topics in the pub quiz cover everything from current events to trivia in almost every field. Music questions touch on today’s hot hits, TV and movie theme music, as well as older classics.

Pub quizzes are held at VAMOK’s partner restaurant, Leipätehdas.

Football tournament

VAMOK organizes a football tournament in the spring, to which all students are welcome.

Teams of eight are formed for the tournament, and the style of play is a friendly overall football.

The tournament also features side activities, so it is worth coming to the event even if you do not participate in playing football.

This spring outdoor event is free of charge.