Find like-minded enthusiasts

The student union operates three self-organized clubs. The purpose of these clubs is to bring together students who share similar interests and to support community development. In our clubs, we adhere to VAMOK’s safer space principles.

Would you like to establish a club?

Are you interested in starting a club but don’t know where to begin? You can get in touch with VAMOK and discuss whether your idea could be our next club.

Our clubs

Board game club

VAMOK’s board game club meets to play every other Tuesday at 17:00. The gaming location is at VAMK’s main building, specifically VAMOK’s sauna facilities at Palosaarentie 8.

The club is open to all members of the student union, and you don’t need to bring your own games.

Spring 2024 board game nights: 23.01., 06.02., 20.02., 05.03., 19.03., 02.04., 16.04., 30.04.

VAMOK Gaming

VAMOK Gaming is a community for students interested in video gaming, where you can meet other gaming enthusiasts.

Most of the activities take place on our Discord server, which offers voice and text channels for various games and topics.

Feel free to join the server and use the voice channels to chat with your friends while gaming!

Formula 1 club

VAMOK’s Formula 1 Club is a place where all those interested in the sport can gather to watch racing events together and discuss the sport in general.

Disc Golf Club

The VAMOK Disc Golf Club is open to anyone interested in the sport. The club organizes regular gatherings, but the days and course to play are collectively decided among the club responsible and members approximately once every two weeks, depending on weather conditions.

Anyone can join the club, regardless of their skill level. Additionally, VAMOK provides the opportunity to borrow equipment for those who don’t yet have their own discs.


VAMOK continues Coursehelper activity this autumn. The purpose of Coursehelper is to offer extra education for social and health care students for drug dosage calculations. The lessons are organized throughout the autumn semester every other Thursday at 13.30-15.30.

You do not need to enroll for the lessons beforehand and you do not need to be a VAMOK member so that you can participate. You need a pen and paper as well as a calculator. You can take the same calculations to the Coursehelper lessons that the teacher gives you at drug dosage lessons. VAMOK can also provide you with calculations. Coursehelper lessons are not tied to a certain course so you can come and do calculations for any course.

Students can participate in as many lessons as they need. If the lessons do not fit your schedule but you need help with drug dosage calculations, It is possible to join the Coursehelper WhatsApp group by sending a message to