Student Advocacy

Student Advocacy

Student Advocacy


Advocacy is largely invisible work of influence for students, for example, in the administrative bodies of the University of Applied Sciences, where the student union selects student representatives. The student union also engages in educational and social policy advocacy in cooperation with other student and student unions.

VAMOK influences national student advocacy as a member of the Finnish Student Unions Association, SAMOK ry. Student interests are thus protected both locally and nationally. Anyone has the opportunity to influence advocacy in VAMOK! A student can have an impact, for example, in the council, in VAMOK’s board, or in working groups.

On the students' behalf

In terms of student advocacy, VAMOK’s responsibilities include acting as the voice of students in various bodies and working groups, as well as safeguarding student interests by listening to students, for example, by conducting surveys and conveying information to VAMK’s administration. VAMOK also takes a stand on current issues affecting students. Important tasks of VAMOK include monitoring the quality of education and providing support to students in problem situations. For instance, VAMOK has harassment contact persons who offer confidential assistance to students with their issues.

In everyday life, VAMOK’s advocacy is most tangibly seen, for example, in benefits available with a student card and in sports sessions and events organized by VAMOK. Tutoring is also a crucial part of VAMOK’s advocacy, as tutors are often the first contact new students have with the student union and the university of applied sciences.

Working groups and institutions where VAMOK represents

  • Vaasa UAS Executive Team
  • Vaasa UAS ltd company board
  • Vaasa Student Housing Foundation VOAS’ board
  • Vaasa UAS Examination board
  • Vaasa UAS Well-being working group
  • Vaasa UAS Study program meetings
  • Vaasa UAS Quality Team
  • Vaasa UAS Readiness Team
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