Sumo wrestling suits

Sumo wrestling suits

Sumo wrestling suits

Sumo suits

VAMOK offers sumo wrestling suits that are perfect attractions for student events and various other occasions. The sumo suit rental includes two adult-sized sumo suits, helmets, and one large tatami mat (about 4m x 4m).


If the event is organized outdoors during the summer, the renter must ensure that the ground is a flat lawn. The sumo equipment must be kept dry. Therefore, the sumo gear should not be used in the rain or damp weather, as the padding of the equipment can be damaged. The use of sumo gear outdoors in winter is prohibited.

Pick-up during the week (monday-thursday) from 12:00 to 15:00 and the suits need to be returned on the next day from by 11:30.

For rentals during the weekend the pick-up  should happen on Thursday from 12:00 to 15:00 and the  suits need to be returned on the next monday by 11:30. Exceptions can be negotiated.

The rental fee for the costumes is paid at the time of pickup and can be paid in cash or by card. In addition, businesses and associations have the option of invoicing. To be eligible for a member discount, remember to bring a valid membership or student ID bearing the renter’s name when picking up the key. Costumes can only be picked up by the person whose name the reservation is under.


Rental prices

VAMOK member price
60 €
2 days or weekend
100 €
1 day
120 €
2 days or weekend
160 €
Billing charges
Electronic invoice
5 €
PDF invoice
5 €
Paper invoice
8 €
Payment reminder
10 €
Booking calendar
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  • Varattu / Reserved
  • Vapaa / Available

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