The Overalls

The overalls create solidarity and from the overalls you can identify your fellow-students. The colorful overalls really stand out in big events where lots of students gather together.


You can order your overalls from your tutor during autumn and spring. The order/overall fitting dates are informed to students well in advance. You must pay for the overalls while fitting /ordering them. Remember to pick a size that is big enough! You want to be able to wear warm clothes under the overalls during winter-time.


You can ask more information about the overalls from your tutors.

Overall Prices
  • VAMOK member 40e
  • Not a member 55e
Overall History

The students overall culture spread to Finland in the 80’s from Sweden, where overalls were used as a part of the sits-culture. In Finland the first student overalls were seen in between 1950’s and 1960’s, when technical science students built their own student village and started to use the overalls. Generally the student overall culture has spread through technical science students.

The students of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences have different color overalls depending on their study field:


Business economics – green

Technology – black

Health care and social services – white/yellow