VAMOK’s board

The board of the student union consists of students in positions of trust who have to be students of Vasa university of applied sciences and members of the student union. In their inaugural meeting at the end of the year the representative body of VAMOK selects the board members for the upcoming year. The representative body will supplement the board if needed during the year. Working in the board demands investment and commitment because the student union’s operation is wide, active and diverse. The board’s job is to lead the student unions operation along the policies of the representative body and the plan of operation. Each board member is given a sector for which they are responsible for. All board members contribute to the collective operation of the board. The board as a whole works as the employer for the employees of the student union. Each board term lasts for one calendar year.

The Board’s tasks
  • Leads the student union in accordance of the decisions of the representative body
  • Represent the student union
  • Prepare the material for representative body meetings
  • Collect membership fees
  • Responsible for the student union’s finances
  • Responsible for the upkeep of the student unions member registry
  • Organize student events and strengthen the student community on Vaasa University of Applied Sciences
  • Organize exercising opportunities for students of  Vaasa University of Applied Sciences
  • Manages Student tutoring
Individual board member’s tasks
Chairperson of the board

The chairperson of the board acts as the boss for the board and the executive director. The chairperson has the final responsibility for the board’s actions.

Vice chairperson of the board

The board chooses a vice chairperson among themselves who along with their other tasks acts as the chairperson’s partner and takes over his/her duties when unavailable.

Educational affairs coordinator

The starting point for the educational affairs coordinator is to deliver students’ viewpoints to the management of Vaasa university of applied sciences and thus ensure that students can affect their own study environment. The student affairs coordinator along with the chairperson follows the structural development of the studies and reacts accordingly.

Social affairs coordinator

Social affairs coordinators focus on students’ readiness to study. To be able to study full time you must have an apartment, adequate income (student allowance), food and healthcare. The student union oversees these conditions and informs the students about changes happening within them and if needed, discuss any grievances that may arise. The social affairs coordinator also organizes well-being events like the annual week of well-being.

Tutor coordinator

Vaasa university of applied sciences peer tutoring falls under the responsibilities of the student union. The student union’s tutor coordinator is responsible for selecting, training and coordinating peer tutors. The tutor coordinator works closely with the international affairs coordinator.

International affairs coordinator

International affairs coordinator selects, trains and coordinates the student unions international tutors who works as help for exchange students arriving at VAMK and Vaasa. The international affairs coordinator organizes other activities directed towards international students like. Finland 101-course in cooperation with Vaasa university of applied sciences.

Event coordinator

Events are one of the most visible parts of student unions operations. Event coordinator is responsible for organizing and marketing evening events for students in VAMK.

Sports- and leisure time coordinator

Sports-and leisure time coordinators responsibility is to make sure sport shifts provided by the student union works as intended by ensuring there’s a responsible person for each shift who makes sure the correct equipment is usable. The sports-and leisure coordinator is responsible for organizing sports trials and other leisure events.

Communications coordinator

Communications coordinators job is to plan and execute the student unions communications on social media.