A tutor is a person who guides and supports new students. The search for tutors begins at the end of the year and the tutors are selected in the beginning of the following year on the basis of interviews organized by the tutor coordinator. The selectedpeer tutors attend tutor-training and tutor camp. Peer tutoring begins in the fall and lasts for one academic year at a time. After a successful year of tutoring, tutors receive three study credits in their free choice studies. A responsible tutor is a peer tutor who is tutoring for a second time. The responsible tutors act as leaders for he peer tutor groups and will at the end of their tutoring receive one study credit.


In addition to peer tutoring it is possible to act as an international tutor. Each international tutor is usually responsible for 1-3 exchange students coming to study at VAMK, whom they contact before their arrival to Finland and when they finally arrive, help them adapt to the life in Vaasa and in Finland. International tutors have their own trainings held in English. International tutors receive two study credits in their free choice studies after turning in a report at the end of tutoring.


As a tutor you will get to know new people and make new friends. The tutor community is tight but easy to approach. You can also add tutoring to your resume. In addition, as a tutor you will learn how to take others into account and how to take responsibility and last but not least, tutoring makes you feel good!


If you have any questions about tutoring, please contact the Tutor coordinator at tutor@vamok.fi or the International affairs coordinator at international@vamok.fi.