Statement: The government has betrayed students. Again.


The student union of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, VAMOK, is appalled by the government’s decision in the budget session to move students from the housing allowance system to a housing supplement under the student financial aid. These short-term savings are made at the cost of Finland’s future. Perhaps higher education will become a privilege only for the wealthy youth in the future.

How can the Finnish government dare to betray students time and again? You froze the index increases for study grants, weakened the housing support, and finally decided that we don’t deserve housing support at all.


The housing supplement is available only for months that qualify for student financial aid, and this increases the uncertainty of students’ livelihoods. This is evident in both the mental health of students and the increased need for income support, especially during the summer months. The transition would also accelerate the current indebtedness of students, as they are not entitled to income support before taking out a student loan.

The government’s previous cuts strongly targeted young people and students, and it is unreasonable that students have to be subjected to cuts again. Raising our country’s education level requires the well-being of students who can focus on their main task – Studying.

For more information:

Otto Mäkiniemi

Chairperson of the Board, VAMOK

Tel. 0505863625

Jimi Oosi

Advocacy coordinator (Well-being), VAMOK

Tel. 0403500396