In the Teaching Tops survey conducted this spring, students had the opportunity to provide feedback on teachers who deserve recognition for their inspiring teaching styles, diverse teaching methods, or overall effective pedagogical solutions.

The feedback particularly highlighted the teachers’ excellent interaction skills with students and their attention to individual needs in teaching. The real-world applicability of the teaching and innovative teaching methods were also highly appreciated in the feedback.

Based on the feedback, VAMOK has awarded one teacher from each department.

Teaching Tops 2024
Jukka Niittykoski, business

Students’ comments:

Jukka is easygoing, humorous and knows how to present topics in various ways, finding the method that best helps the student learn. He is friendly, relaxed, and has a great approach to teaching. The quality of Jukka’s teaching is 10/10, and his classes are simply enjoyable to attend.”

Karina Björninen, social and health care

Students’ comments:

“Karina is highly professional, with courses that always have a strong connection to the workplace. Her teaching methods are highly skilled, supporting learning and considerate of all students. Karina bravely tries new methods in her teaching, such as incorporating podcast creation into her courses. As a teacher, Karina is warm and approachable. She is always ready to discuss any topic during her courses and genuinely provides space for discussion. She also warmly engages with students and never leaves them alone with their problems. Additionally, she has a great sense of humour, making her interactions with students very positive.”

Jukka Matila, technology

Students’ comments:

“Jukka has a unique talent for getting students interested in even the most boring subjects. He puts exceptional effort into the quality of his teaching and supports students’ career development excellently, for instance, by sharing and lending his materials to eager students. He is always ready to help students of all levels. Jukka is an excellent teacher who never makes a student feel stupid, even if they ask silly questions.”

VAMOK congratulates the Teaching Excellence awardees of the year and thanks the entire staff of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences for the past academic year.