Representative body

Representative Body

The representative body has the supreme power of decision in the student union. The Representative body consists of 20 regular members and five alternate members chosen among the eligible members standing as a candidate.

What does the representative body do?

– Selects the board of the student union

– Monitors and controls the operations of the board

– Confirms the annual report and financial statements of the previous year

– Selects the student representatives

– Decides the membership fee

– Confirms the plan of action and budget for the upcoming year

– Decides the guidelines for the student union’s operations

Who can participate in the meetings?

The meetings are for the members of the representative body and the board. The student union’s members, board members and employees may attend the meetings of representative council with the right to be present and to speak.

Why is the meeting held in place X and /or on the day Y?

The representative body decides the time and place for the next meetings usually in the previous meeting.

I would like to apply for the representative body! What should I do?

The representative body is elected annually in the representative election organized usually in October or November. The student union informs the students via email newsletter, VAMOK website and Facebook.